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Public Information Materials - updated on 14.02.2020

This is public health advice about how you can help stop the spread of viruses, like coronavirus (COVID-19), by practicing good respiratory and hand hygiene.

Please be aware that this is an evolving situation and public advice may change. Materials will be updated and changed as appropriate so please check for the latest version.

Current version – 14.02.2020 (as detailed in the title of the zip folder) 

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Product code

Zipped folder containing social media static images, videos and a press advertisement

Formats: JPG, MP4, PDF

Platforms: Social, digital, press

Languages: Simplified and traditional Chinese options available for the social media static images 
                     Welsh versions of the press advertisement available

Audience: All

Messagaing: Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.

Format ZIP
File size 4.55 MB