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Web Banners

Within this zipped folder you will find web banners to show how breathing exercises and getting active can help with your mental wellbeing.  

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Type: Skyscraper, MPU, Leaderboard
Resolution: 150 dpi
Format: JPG
Different creatives include: ​

  • Yellow - 'Feeling anxious? Simple breathing exercises could help'
  • Green - 'Feeling low? Getting active could make a difference'
  • Blue and Orange - 'Discover simple steps to look after your mental wellbeing'
  • Orange - 'Low energy? Getting active could give you a boost'
  • Green - 'Feeling anxious? Simple breathing exercises could help'
  • Blue - 'Difficulty relaxing? Physical activity is a great way to burn off nervous energy'
  • Yellow - 'Trouble focussing? Regular physical activity could make a difference''
Format ZIP
File size 1.67 MB