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Smoking continues to be the major preventable cause of premature death and disease in England, causing 80,000 deaths and costing the NHS an estimated £2.7 billion each year. Around 8.5 million people in England smoke but two-thirds tell us that they want to quit.

The NHS Smokefree brand was launched in 2006 to remind smokers why they need and want to stop, and to signpost the support available to maximise their chances of success.

NHS Smokefree, funded by Public Health England, produce a number of national campaigns every year but need your help to encourage people in your local area to stop smoking. As such, we provide a range of resources for you to use, based on best marketing practice, insight and testing with smokers.

Creative templates are free to use and have been designed so they can be easily adapted to include your organisation’s contact details and logos. From advertising artwork to event toolkits, you’ll find everything you need to make local marketing as simple and effective as possible.


Smokefree campaign resources are in the process of being transitioned. If you cant find what you are looking for please visit the Smokefree Resource Centre website.

Upcoming campaign - Smoking in Vehicles

Feb 9 2015

Other smokefree campaigns

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No Smoking Day

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Health Harms

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Smoking in Vehicles

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