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Bowel Cancer Screening - London


NHS London have developed a campaign this summer to encourage more people to do their free NHS bowel cancer screening test.
The campaign, “Your next poo could save your life”, urges people who have been sent a free bowel cancer screening kit to use it.
It aims to increase uptake of bowel cancer screening across London and is particularly focusing on those who are less likely to do the test: men, people sent the bowel cancer screening kit for the first time, people in deprived areas, people from some ethnic and faith communities, and people with a learning disability.

Please support the campaign by:

  • Sharing the campaign assets on social media on August 8
  • Ensuring your teams are aware of the campaign and know where to find information about it ( for more information, videos, case studies and campaign resources)

Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers. In the UK, 43,000 people are diagnosed with it and over 16,500 people die from it each year – more than 45 people a day. Those who complete bowel cancer screening are 25% less likely to die of bowel cancer.