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Stay Well This Winter

Flu Hand Hygiene – Catch it. Bin it. Kill it

As we would expect to see at this time of year all indicators of flu are increasing.  

As you are aware, the two best ways to prevent the spread of flu are to ensure eligible groups get vaccinated and encourage the public to practise good respiratory and hand hygiene. In addition to promoting the uptake of vaccines among eligible people (such as this letter to healthcare workers), PHE is also activating the ‘Catch It Bin It Kill It’ campaign to help you inform the public about how best they can protect themselves and others. Our key objective for this campaign is to encourage people to adopt good respiratory and hand hygiene, such as using a tissue and washing hands thoroughly, as a line of defence against flu.

The campaign launched 11th January 2018 and will run for one month across press, digital, radio and video on demand. The following free materials are available to download and we encourage you to utilise these resources as appropriate within your facilities:

Flu social - Hand Hygiene

Press advertisement - hand hygiene

Digital banners - hand hygiene

A4 Poster - hand hygiene

A3 Poster - hand hygiene

Flu - Hand Hygiene Ad Video

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