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Stay Well This Winter


This winter, NHS England and Public Health England are introducing a new overarching brand that brings together all the winter pressures campaign activity - Help Us, Help You’.

The winter months can be challenging for the NHS, especially for urgent care services. The winter pressures campaign is delivered across a range of phases that target different audiences with different calls to action to help reduce these pressures. This includes messages about flu immunisation, staying well in winter, NHS 111, community pharmacy and extended GP hours.

In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis on people taking responsibility for staying healthy and managing their own health and ‘Help Us, Help You’ is a powerful new way to build on this.

The unifying ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign brand is based on the principle of reciprocity and aims to increase peoples’ understanding of the actions they can take to help the NHS to help them. Following the expert advice of NHS staff, people can help the NHS help them stay well; prevent an illness getting worse; take the best course of action; and get well again sooner.

‘Help Us, Help You’ will help the NHS manage winter pressures, however it has the flexibility to extend to other interventions that will encourage the public to help the NHS to help them.

‘Help Us, Help You’ is an integrated multichannel campaign, involving advertising, partnerships, PR, social media, specific Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and disability groups’ communications. It will focus on different messaging and audiences and in the winter months ‘Help Us, Help You’ will deliver campaigns for flu, NHS 111, staying well in winter, extended GP hours and pharmacy.

Stay Well this Winter

Stay Well this Winter launched 8th October 2018

For more information on how you can support the campaigns please visit the 'getting involved' section.