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Social Media statics and animations to support the flu and COVID-19 vaccination programmes for 2022/23.

A set of social statics and animations in the following formats:

  • 1x1 (Facebook/Twitter)
  • 9x16 (Stories)
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A ZIP file of six social statics and three social animations. Creatives include:

  • 1 x static with general messaging targeting all eligible audiences (formats: 1x1, 9x16)
  • 4 x animations targeting people with certain health conditions (formats: 1x1, 9x16)
  • 2 x statics targeting pregnant women (formats: 1x1, 9x16)
  • 2 x statics targeting parents of 2 and 3 year old children (flu vaccine only) (formats: 1x1, 9x16)
  • 1 x static targeting parents of primary school children (flu vaccine only) (formats: 1x1, 9x16)
  • 2 x statics and 1 x animations targeting people 50 years and over (formats: 1x1, 9x16)
  • Suggested social copy in an accompanying Word document


Additional assets for the public facing Winter Vaccinations campaign will be made available in late October.

Format ZIP
File size 7.68 MB