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Blood in Pee Washroom Pack 2018

The ‘Blood in Pee’ washroom pack was created so you can help enhance the 2018 campaigns key messages. The campaign ran 19 July - 23 September 2018.

The ‘pee break’ is an ideal time in the day to raise awareness of blood in pee, and through easy to display resources for washrooms we hope to motivate people to seek advice if they notice blood in their pee. This pack has limited stock available.

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These materials are ideal for high traffic washrooms across the NHS and local government e.g. hospitals, local businesses, government buildings, libraries, and other community centres.

Each washroom pack contains:

  • Briefing sheet - details about the 2018 campaign (click on the Download button above)
  • Male toilet signage – GP - Dr. Philip Sawyer
  • Female toilet signage – GP - Dr. Jyoti Sood
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