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Respiratory Symptom Awareness

Regional Events

Events are a valuable part of the Respiratory campaign allowing us to specifically target the harder to reach audiences who typically wouldn’t engage with the campaign via other media channels. The events enable us to engage with the over 50’s C2DE audience across the UK. Our trained staff and nurses speak to the target audience directly offering guidance, advice and support. It also provides our audience with a chance to discuss any concerns they may have in a relaxed environment.

The roadshow team in the 2016 campaign engaged with over 34,700 consumers across 5 weeks with many consumers saying the roadshow had promoted them to go and book an appointment with their GP.” On previous campaigns we have found 1 in 6 people engaged at an event went on to make an appointment with their GP.

This years event schedule can be accessed here, the events will begin on 12th June and run through to 22nd July in the North, South, Midlands and London.




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