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Nutrition on the Go




Adults are consuming on average 200-300 extra calories per day.  This ‘calorie creep’ contributes to two thirds of adults being overweight or obese.  Treating obesity costs the NHS more than £6bn every year  and cuts life expectancy by an average of three years.

Launching on 6th March 2018, Public Health England’s new 400-600-600 campaign aims to help adults manage the ‘calorie creep’ that sees two thirds of adults in England overweight or obese. The new campaign provides adults with a simple tip to help them make healthier choices while out and about – aim for 400-600-600. That’s around 400 calories for breakfast, 600 for lunch and 600 for dinner, plus a couple of healthier snacks and drinks in-between.

Some of the nation’s biggest food companies - including Greggs, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Subway – will provide a range of options to help shoppers find 400 and 600 calorie meals. This will make healthier choices easier for their millions of customers across the UK. Obesity can lead to a number of serious conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, some types of cancer and stroke.

The campaign will also feature new radio, digital and out of home advertising on high streets across England. 400-600-600 forms part of Public Health England’s One You campaign, which aims to inform, energise and engage millions of adults, especially those in the 40-60 ‘mid-life’ age group, to make changes to improve their own health by eating well, moving more, drinking less and quitting smoking. One You also shows people how they can reduce their stress levels, blood pressure and sleep better.