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NHS Recruitment


The third year of the award winning We are the NHS recruitment campaign launches on 11 November 2020. This year the campaign is expanded significantly. Its aim is to promote the NHS as a modern and inspiring employer with over 350 rewarding roles. It also promotes Nursing, Allied Health Professional roles and Healthcare Support Workers.

The strategic aim of the NHS Workforce campaign is to reduce the vacancy rates across the NHS. The campaign aims to deliver this by increasing applications from suitable candidates either to immediate employment where training is available on the job or for relevant degree courses (recruit). It also aims to increase the number of trained staff returning to the NHS (return) as well as reducing the number of existing staff leaving the NHS (retain).

We have built on the success of the previous two years, using evaluation of previous activity and insight generation work to develop our approach. These insights have resulted in a campaign that celebrates the NHS of previous generations, recognises the amazing work it is doing today (not least in the midst of a global pandemic) and then shows the opportunities available to people to be part of building a strong and professional future. We are maintaining our applicant support system (CRM programme). This will allow us to engage with our audience providing inspiration, motivation and guidance to potential candidates.

The campaign launches on 11 November 2020 with the first tranche of advertising aimed at promoting the NHS as an Employer. It will promote over 350 rewarding careers before moving to more targeted advertising that promotes specific nursing, Allied Health Professional and Healthcare Support worker roles. This will drive people to the NHS Careers Website (

As they visit the campaign landing page they will be asked to register their interest either generally or to one of our target roles and placed our Customer Relationship Management system, that provides information on the different roles within the NHS and supports applicants through their decision journey. The hashtag for the campaign is #WeAreTheNHS

We are keen that this national campaign also be used locally. We will be providing materials for you to use and potentially re-version for your own recruitment.