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A3 Heart Age Boards

You can use these two A3 boards to help promote heart health at blood pressure and Heart Age events in your local area, community centres, offices, stores, etc.

You can suggest that people take photos with the boards and post the images on social media:

  • For individuals to use - Headline text says "I know my #heartage"
  • For organisations to use - Headline text says "We know our #heartage"
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Downloadable A3 boards for use in photos:

  • Size: A3 landscape
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • File: Zip folder containing PDFs - 2 versions
    • I know my #heartage
    • We know our #heartage
  • Format:
    • Low resolution cropped PDF for use on the website or in-house printing
    • High resolution PDF with crop marks for professional printing
Format ZIP
File size 3.2 MB