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Cervical Screening campaign



Download the Dr Dawn Harper video on this link here


The NHS Cervical Screening Programme has made a significant impact on cervical cancer mortality since it was established in 1988, saving an estimated 5,000 lives a year.

However, coverage is at a 20-year low. Figures published by NHS Digital show that, at 31 March 2018, the percentage of eligible women (aged 25 to 64) screened adequately was 71.4%. The national target for cervical screening coverage is 80% with coverage at its lowest amongst those aged 25 – 35.

To help address this issue, on 5 March 2019 PHE launched its first national multimedia cervical screening campaign.


Campaign target audience (who are eligible for the cervical screening test):

  • All eligible women aged 25 – 64 (with upweight to C2DE)
  • Primary: women aged 25 – 35  (with upweight to C2DE) where coverage is lowest and incidence rates highest
  • There are also some small sub-groups who are disproportionately less likely to participate - including women from ethnic minorities, people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and lesbian and bisexual women. The campaign is being developed in order to include these groups.


The campaign will:

  • Highlight the risks of cervical cancer
  • Highlight the preventative benefits of the often misunderstood screening test
  • Encourage women of all ages to respond to their screening invitation
  • Encourage women to consider booking an appointment if they have missed previous invitations
  • Aim to tackle barriers to screening highlighted by research, issues such as fear and embarrassment.


The campaign will run on TV, digital display and social media and we will be producing materials supporting the campaign including toolkits and other resources, as well as providing you with ideas and information to support and prepare, you and your staff.


Please sign up to our cancer campaign newsletters through this link and we will inform you of further updates on the campaign, what to expect and the opportunity to pre-order resources.


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