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Health and Social Care Workers Flu Immunisation


Health and Social Care Workers Vaccination Campaign (Time to get your flu jab)

The brand new flu vaccination campaign for health and social care workers launches for the coming 2019/20 flu season. “Time to get your flu jab” takes a new approach – created for use by all health and social care organisations by Public Health England and NHS England & NHS Improvement – the staff facing campaign focusses on the protective benefit of the flu vaccination using a “Shield” motif.


Campaign materials show NHS staff, social care, social worker and other community based care staff going about their work protected by the shield of flu vaccination and the message “Help protect yourself, your family and your patients*. Get your free flu jab”.


The campaign is available to all organisations to use and adapt to encourage the uptake of flu vaccinations by frontline health and social care staff – the resources available include:


All materials, including adaptable artwork and social media tools, are available for colleagues to download or print locally. We would encourage organisations to localise these resources to suit their own local requirements – however please do use the brand guidelines which can be found here.


We are also keen to extend our photo-library to include a wider range of health and social care roles so do let us know if you have images you own that you are willing and able to share with colleagues across the health and social care system.


*To Note: There are a range of digital resources available – those targeting social care staff use the phrase “the people you support” and not “patients”.