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2019 Change4Life 10MSU


During June 2019, new Disney-inspired take-home games packs will be arrived  in most state-funded primary schools via the School Fruit and Veg Scheme. The games packs provided fun and easy ways to get pupils physically active and will help them discover what activity or sport they enjoy.

Change4Life has also teamed up with Disney to create a set of new 10 Minute Shake Up schools resources filled with fun, quick and easy activities. The free resources are flexible and designed to be used throughout the school day, helping to embed physical activity in pupils’ daily routine. They can be found on the School Zone, PHE’s online hub, providing teaching resources on various health-related topics for primary and secondary schools.

Resources to help you communicate with primary schools in your area include:

  • School newsletter template that you can forward to primary schools encouraging them to include information about the campaign in newsletters to parents - coming soon
  • Head teacher newsletters that you can forward to school leaders encouraging them to take part in the campaign and share resources with their school community

You can also:

  • Put a link to the School Zone on teacher-facing pages on your website
  • Encourage teachers to subscribe to the School Zone

The current list of schools registered to receive packs is available once you have signed in to the CRC.