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Reducing Length of Stay (RLOS)

Getting Involved

The campaign will encourage senior leaders and healthcare professionals to foster a ‘Why not home? Why not today?’ mindset.

Further information about the RLOS programme is available at england.nhs/wherebestnext 

NHS England and NHS Improvement recently hosted two webinars (one for communications professionals and one for frontline staff / transformation leads) to introduce the campaign and the work happening in the national RLOS programme. Recordings and copies of the slides can be accessed on the EEC CommsLink page here. Please feel free to share through your local internal channels.

Materials provided to support the campaign on these pages and CommsLink include:

5 x posters

6 x action cards

3 x case studies

1 x comms toolkit/ activation guide

1 x social media toolkit

1 x screensaver

1 x email signature

Other assets that will follow in the coming days are editable assets and a guide on how to use these as well as further social media assets (with copy).

For further information about the campaign please contact:

Marketing specific enquiries  

NHS England and NHS Improvement Campaigns Team -

All other communications enquiries:

NHS England and NHS Improvement UEC Strategic Communications Team -