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Winter Response


Help Us, Help You Before It Gets Worse - Winter Response 

  • This phase of the Winter Pressures campaign is aimed at encouraging those that are vulnerable to falling seriously ill with a winter ailment to seek advice from a community pharmacist to help prevent their illness becoming serious.
  • The two priority audiences for this activity are older people, particularly those who are frail and over 65, and people with long-term health conditions. These groups are more likely to be admitted to hospital due to a winter illness.
  • This year’s campaign is based on a new creative approach, which is launches on 11th November.  

The Winter Response campaign is a part of the overarching 'Help Us, Help You' campaign.

'Help Us, Help You'

This winter NHS England and NHS Improvement and Public Health England is once again running the overarching NHS Winter Pressures campaign – ‘Help Us, Help You’ - to help the public understand how they can stay well this winter and access appropriate services.

The winter months can be challenging for the NHS, especially for urgent care services. The Winter Pressures campaign is delivered across a range of phases that target different audiences with different calls to action to help reduce these pressures. This includes messages about flu vaccination, contacting NHS 111, seeking advice at the first signs of a winter illness, accessing evening and weekend GP appointments and the advantages of consulting with community pharmacists.