Classroom cooking toolkit

Easy cooking in the classroom


  • KS1
  • KS2


  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • D&T

What's this for?

This toolkit is useful if you are teaching cooking or are in charge of food preparation.

In the classroom

The classroom cooking toolkit is full of great ideas to help you teach cooking with cooking FAQs and essential safety tips. 

  • Ideas on how you can teach children about a healthy and balanced diet, utilising 5 A DAY and the eatwell guide
  • FAQs to help you get started
  • Top tips for what you need to consider before your cooking session
  • Simple guidelines to make activities safe, hygienic and manageable



Animals including humans
Key Stage 1

  • Describe the importance of exercise for humans, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene

Key Stage 2

  • Identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat

Design and Technology
Cooking and Nutrition
Key Stage 1

  • Understand where food comes from

Key Stage 2

  • Understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet

This is a full booklet with a lot of useful information, lesson ideas and whole school resources.


Get the whole school involved

Create a cooking display in the entrance hall or foyer. Include photographs of the children cooking, as well as images of their final dishes.