Dealing with change lesson plan pack

Explore the nature of change and identify some strategies to help deal with changing situations and relationships


  • KS3
  • KS4


  • PSHE

What's this for?

Developed with teachers, this lesson plan, PowerPoint and accompanying videos help you explore with your class the expected and unexpected changes people may face in their lives, and help students identify strategies for managing change.

The accompanying videos are featured below.

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Let's talk about change!

Play 'Let's talk about change!' video on Rise Above website

Dealing with change!

Play 'Dealing with change!' video on Rise Above website

Life swap: dealing with change

Play 'Life swap: dealing with change' video on Rise Above website

Learning objectives

After the lesson, pupils will be able to:

  • identify changes and transitions that can take place during adolescence
  • describe the impact that change can have
  • explain different ways of managing change and where to seek support

For more information on how to use these lesson plans in the classroom, visit the PSHE Association website.


Supports the PSHE curriculum


Core theme 1: Health and wellbeing

  • H4 – to understand that self-esteem can change with personal circumstances, such as those associated with family and friendships, achievements and employment
  • L2 – the knowledge and skills needed for setting realistic and challenging personal targets and goals (including the transition to key stage 3)


Core theme 1: Health and wellbeing

  • H3 – strategies for managing mental health including stress, anxiety and depression; a broader range of strategies for promoting their own emotional wellbeing

Core theme 2: Relationships

  • R1 – strategies to manage strong emotions and feelings