Exam stress lesson plan pack

Help students identify the signs and symptoms of exam stress, and develop stress management strategies


  • KS3
  • KS4


  • PSHE
  • RSHE

What's this for?

Use this lesson plan, PowerPoint and accompanying videos to teach students to identify the signs and symptoms of exam stress and recognise that it can affect young people, before, during and after an exam.

Using the concept of designing an 'exam buddy' app to help them, students develop helpful strategies for managing their own exam stress and supporting friends who may also be experiencing stress.

The accompanying videos are featured below.

Download includes:

  • Exam stress lesson plan PDF
  • Managing exam stress: tips and advice PDF
  • PowerPoint for use in class

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Dealing with exam stress

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How to ace an exam

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Learning outcomes

Teach your students about the potential effects of exam stress on physical and emotional wellbeing, and ways to manage it.

After the lesson, pupils can:

  • identify signs of exam stress in themselves and others
  • know who to ask for advice and where to look for guidance on exam stress
  • select and use strategies to help them manage exam stress, including revision techniques

For more information on how to use these lesson plans in the classroom, visit the PSHE Association website.


Supports the PSHE curriculum


Core theme 1: Health and wellbeing

Pupils should have the opportunity to learn:

  • H5 — the characteristics of mental and emotional health, and strategies for managing it

Core theme 3: Living in the wider world

Pupils should have the opportunity to learn:

  • L8 — about their own identity as a learner, their preferred style of learning and to develop study, research, personal presentation and organisation skills

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