NHS Food Scanner app

The NHS Food Scanner app helps pupils explore what is in their food and drink and make healthier swaps


  • KS1
  • KS2


  • PSHE

What's this for?

The NHS Food Scanner app brings food labels to life and helps you make healthier choices. Simply scan the barcode to see how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is in your food and drink then choose one of the healthier swap suggestions.

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The nutrient data provided in the app is supplied by Brandbank and FoodSwitch.

Learning objectives

Pupils will be able to:

  • find out how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is in their food and drink
  • compare different products based on their nutritional content
  • use the swap suggestions to find healthier choices

In the classroom

Encourage pupils to get their parents to download the NHS Food Scanner app then challenge them to scan the barcodes on their favourite food, swipe to see healthier choices and swap next time they shop.

Use the Food Scanner app alongside our Scan, swipe, swap - assembly and Scan, swipe, swap - activities toolkit.

Top tip

When used on a tablet, rather than a smartphone, the app may require a steadier hand and take longer to register barcodes.