Our Healthy Year: Reception classroom activity sheets

Accompanies the Our Healthy Year: Reception toolkit


  • EYFS


  • Literacy
  • English
  • Computing
  • Art & Design

What's this for?

These fun activity sheets accompany the activities found in the Our Healthy Year: Reception toolkit (pages 8-14).

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In the classroom

These curriculum-linked activity sheets accompany the activities from Our Healthy Year: Reception toolkit and include a range of creative tasks, worksheets and games. They are a great way to support communication and language learning.

This resource includes:

  • Café menu template – accompanies the Eating out activity, in which children create their own healthy menu
  • Shopping list template – accompanies the Shopping lists activity, in which children create a healthy shopping list
  • Phonics activity cards – accompanies the Alphabet and phonics activity, which uses healthy foods to support children’s phonics learning
  • Fruit and veg bingo cards – accompanies the All the fruit and veg in the world activity, in which children need to identify a wide range of fruits and vegetables
  • Blank Eatwell Guide – accompanies the A healthy plate activity, in which children create a version of the Eatwell Guide including the sorts of healthy things they like to eat

These activities have been written by and tested by teachers.

Learning objectives

After using these activities, pupils should: 

  • Understand the importance of eating well
  • Understand the importance of being active
  • Be able to explain how to keep themselves healthy

Try this

Get kids thinking about healthy foods by planning a healthy tea party. Children can write tea party invitations for guests and even bring a favourite toy to the party!