Our Healthy Year: Reception presentations

Accompanies the Our Healthy Year: Reception toolkit


  • EYFS


  • Literacy
  • PSHE

What's this for?

These PowerPoint presentations introduce healthy lifestyles to pupils in an exciting way. For ideas on how you can use them, see the Our Healthy Year: Reception teacher toolkit.

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In the classroom

Using a favourite soft toy to help you, run through the Our Healthy Year presentation to make sure pupils have a basic understanding of eating well and moving more, and to tell them about the other Our Healthy Year activities. Follow up with the Our Healthy Day story presentation.

Includes handy notes below the slides help you deliver the presentations and encourage your class to get involved.

For more ideas see the Our Healthy Year: Reception toolkit.

These presentations are the perfect way to start your healthy year!

Learning objectives

After using these activities, pupils should:

  • Understand the importance of eating well
  • Understand the importance of being active
  • Be able to explain how to keep themselves healthy

Try this

During the presentation, ask pupils to jump up to touch the air every time they hear about a healthy behaviour, or bend down to touch the floor every time they hear about an unhealthy one!