Our Healthy Year: Reception take home resources

Helping your pupils to eat well and move more at home


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What's this for?

Encourage children to put their learning into practice at home and engage parents.

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In the classroom

These curriculum-linked activity sheets, take-home challenges and letter templates encourage pupils to put their learning into practice at home and involve parents. 

You'll find activity notes for each resource in the Our Healthy Year: Reception toolkit (page numbers listed below).

This resource includes:

  • Introduction to Our Healthy Year for parents template letter – to let parents know how they can get involved
  • Take-home Teddy's diary – to record the healthy activities of your class teddy (page 6)
  • Take-home worksheets – use these with the curriculum-linked activity ideas in the toolkit (pages 8-16)

Our Healthy Year challenges – challenge your pupils to build their healthy habits (page 19)

  • Challenge sheets – 10 fun healthy challenges for pupils and parents
  • Passport activity​ – for parents to record their children's healthy activity

"I think getting parents involved is so important in reception as this creates involvement throughout the child's school life."

Gemma King, St George's Cathedral Catholic Primary School, London

Learning objectives

After using these activities, pupils should:

  • Understand the importance of eating well
  • Understand the importance of being active
  • Be able to explain how to keep themselves healthy

Try this

Meat-free Mondays, Turn-it-off Tuesdays, Drink-more-water Wednesdays... are your pupils ready to take on the Our Healthy Year challenges?