Active school day – whole-school assembly PowerPoint

Kick-start physical activity throughout your school


  • EYFS
  • KS1
  • KS2


  • PE
  • PSHE

What's this for?

This interactive assembly – suitable for the whole school or different key stages – introduces characters from some of the best-loved Disney films using a series of fun moves and routines.

It's a great way to kick-start physical activity throughout your school, inspiring pupils to get active with moves they can practise in the playground or at home, and introducing sports and activities they might enjoy.

You can invite pupils' families to join in too.

Download resource:

Whole-school assembly PowerPoint (PPTX, 13.7Mb)

You will need to have an app installed to enable you to view the file on a mobile device.


Supports the PE and PSHE curricula for early years foundation stage, key stage 1 and key stage 2.

Early years foundation stage

Physical development

  • children know the importance of physical exercise for good health
  • children show good control and coordination in large and small movements

Personal, social and emotional development

  • children are confident to try new activities and say why they like some activities more than others




  • develop balance, agility and coordination


Core theme 1: health and wellbeing

  • what constitutes, and how to maintain, a healthy lifestyle, including the benefits of physical activity
  • to think about themselves, to learn from their experiences, to recognise and celebrate their strengths, and set simple but challenging goals

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