Forming positive relationships lesson plan pack

Examine with your students the nature of friendships, identify some of the challenges that can arise and think about how to provide effective peer support


  • KS3
  • KS4


  • PSHE
  • RSHE

What's this for?

Use this lesson plan, PowerPoint and accompanying video to explore with your class the nature of friendship. It'll help you guide students in identifying some of the challenges that can arise in social relationships, as well as thinking about how to provide effective peer support.

The accompanying videos are featured below.

Downloads include:

  • Forming positive relationships lesson plan PDF
  • Classroom tips and preparation PDF
  • PowerPoint for use in class

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Suli Breaks discusses friendship

Doug Armstrong on healthy relationships

How to spot a frenemy

Cherry Wallis on friendship

Learning outcomes

Teach your students to explore the nature and complexities of social relationships. 

After the lesson, students can:

  • identify the qualities of positive friendships
  • describe strategies for dealing with challenges in friendships
  • explain where and how to access support and help, including from professionals

More information on how to use these lesson plans in the classroom is available on the PSHE Association website.


Supports the PSHE curriculum


Core theme 2: Relationships

Students should have the opportunity to learn:

  • R1 — the qualities and behaviours they should expect to experience and exhibit in a wide variety of positive relationships (including teams, class, friendships)
  • R4 — to explore the range of positive qualities people bring to relationships

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