Self-care – Year 6 short activities

Pupils explore a variety of self-care activities


  • KS2


  • PSHE
  • RE & HE

What's this for?

Developed with teachers and NHS approved, these flexible sessions explore the meaning of self-care.

Pupils explore a range of self-care strategies, including connecting with others, being physically active and learning something new.

3 short videos are embedded in the PowerPoint.

Download resources:

Download activities (ZIP, 329Kb)

You will need to have apps installed to enable you to view the files on a mobile device.

Learning outcomes

After this lesson, pupils will be able to:

  • explain what self-care means
  • identify and try out a range of self-care strategies
  • complete a self-care diary


Supports the Relationships Education and Health Education statutory guidance

Mental wellbeing

  • that mental wellbeing is a normal part of daily life, in the same way as physical health
  • the benefits of physical exercise, time outdoors, community participation, voluntary and service-based activity on mental wellbeing and happiness
  • simple self-care techniques, including the importance of rest, time spent with friends and family, and the benefits of hobbies and interests

Supports the PSHE curriculum

Core Theme 1 (Health and wellbeing)

  • H4 – how to recognise that habits can have both positive and negative effects on a healthy lifestyle
  • H15 – that mental health, just like physical health, is part of daily life, and the importance of taking care of mental health
  • H16 – about strategies and behaviours that support mental health – including how good quality sleep, physical exercise and time outdoors, being involved in community groups, doing things for others, clubs, and activities, hobbies and spending time with family and friends can support mental health and wellbeing