Smoking lesson plan pack

Explore with your class the reasons why young people should choose not to smoke and how to resist peer pressure


  • KS3
  • KS4


  • PSHE
  • RSHE

What's this for?

Use this lesson plan, PowerPoint and accompanying video (featured below) to encourage students to explore the reasons why young people should choose not to smoke.

Using the interactive 'pick-a-path' video, peer-to-peer discussion and activities, students can role play and discuss scenarios where young people are encouraged or pressured to smoke. Then use the tools to identify techniques for resisting this pressure.

Downloads include:

  • Smoking lesson plan PDF
  • E-cigarettes teacher support sheet PDF
  • PowerPoint for use in class

If you're viewing this on a mobile device, you'll need to have an app installed to enable you to view the PPTX and ZIP files.


Interactive 'pick-a-path' video

Watch on Rise Above - Play Up to You - smoking pick-a-path role play

Learning outcomes

Teach your students about the reasons why young people may choose to smoke and how to resist the pressure to do so.

After the lesson, pupils can:

  • describe the reasons why some people smoke
  • understand the harm smoking does to your health
  • know who to ask for advice and where to look for guidance on resisting pressure to smoke, including the Rise Above and NHS Smokefree websites
  • use different strategies to resist pressure to smoke

For more information on how to use these lesson plans in the classroom, visit the PSHE Association website.



Supports the PSHE curriculum


Core theme 1: Health and wellbeing

Pupils should have the opportunity to learn:

  • H27 — how to recognise and manage different influences on their decisions about the use of substances (including clarifying and challenging their own perceptions, values and beliefs)
  • H28 — the personal and social risks and consequences for themselves and others of making different decisions regarding substances, including the benefits of not drinking alcohol (or delaying the age at which to start) and the benefits of not smoking, including not harming others with secondhand smoke

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