Sugar facts leaflet

Sugar facts – ideal for parents or a school newsletter


  • KS1
  • KS2


  • D&T
  • PSHE

What's this for?

This leaflet is a great way to engage parents and help them think about simple ways to help their children eat less sugar.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how to maintain a balanced diet to lead a healthier lifestyle as they grow up
  • Adopt an independent and proactive approach to healthier eating by making healthier snack choices
  • Swap to lower sugar and lower fat foods based on their increased awareness of the impact of fat build-up in the human body

In the classroom

Want to help children take the Sugar Swaps message home?

Use this as a follow-up activity after you’ve got children thinking about healthier snack swaps in the classroom. This leaflet gets parents thinking about how sugar may be sneaking into their diet and how to reduce it, including tips for drinks, breakfast, snack and pudding swaps.

This resource is an easy way to communicate the new SACN guidelines on sugar.


Supports PSHE and design and technology

PSHE Association guidance on delivering Health and Wellbeing in the Curriculum
Health and Wellbeing
Key Stage 1

  • To recognise what they like and dislike, how to make real, informed choices that improve their physical and emotional health, and recognise that choices can have good and bad consequences 

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Try this!

Why don't you try out the Change4Life Sugar Swaps app, scan products in class to demonstrate how much total sugar they contain.
Get the app for iPhone or for Android on Google Play.