English lesson Powerpoints – Sugar Smart World

Interactive PowerPoints for English lessons on sugar in food and healthier swaps


  • KS1
  • KS2


  • English
  • PSHE

What's this for?

Developed with teachers, these English lesson PowerPoints explore how much sugar is in our everyday food and drink. Pupils can then create a poster, comic strip or persuasive letter to share what they've learned.

Download resources:

KS1 lesson (ZIP, 150Mb)

Lower KS2 lesson (ZIP, 153Mb)

Upper KS2 lesson (ZIP, 158Mb)

You'll need to have an app installed to enable you to view the ZIP files on a mobile device.

If using a PC with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or older, use the .ppt file – otherwise, use the .pptx file. If using a Mac, you'll need Microsoft Office installed to play the videos.

Learning objectives

After completing these lessons, pupils should be able to:

  • explain why we shouldn't eat too much sugar
  • identify some everyday sugar swaps they can make
  • share information or persuade others to make everyday sugar swaps


Supports the English curriculum.



  • spelling words containing each of the 40-plus phonemes already taught

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After completing the Sugar Smart World English lesson, pupils can create a poster, comic strip or persuasive letter using the Sugar Smart World template and fact sheet.