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Join Change4Life and Disney on an exciting journey through the Galaxy this summer with the Star WarsTM inspired Train Like A Jedi programme for schools. Physical activity has been linked to better health, and social and academic outcomes, so inspire your pupils to move more and Train Like A Jedi with Change4Life.


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Train Like A Jedi whole-school assembly

Whole-school assembly presentation to inspire your pupils to move more and Train Like A Jedi

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  • PSHE

Star Wars playground games

Ideas for playground games inspired by Star Wars

  • PE
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Star Wars school council toolkit

School councils can use these Star Wars themed resources to help encourage more physical activity at their school

  • PSHE

Star Wars lesson fillers

Use these active Star Wars themed ideas to help manage energy levels in the classroom

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Train Like A Jedi lower KS2 PE lesson plan

PE lesson plan to support the Train Like A Jedi video

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Train Like A Jedi upper KS2 PE lesson plan

PE lesson plan to support the Train Like A Jedi video

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Train Like A Jedi Reception PE lesson plan

PE lesson plan to support the Train Like A Jedi video

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Star Wars themed take-home packs

Order extra packs to send home with pupils

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Train Like A Jedi KS1 PE lesson plan

PE lesson plan to support the Train Like A Jedi video

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Get your pupils to Train Like A Jedi and learn new skills.

Watch the 'Train the Trainer' video to help you use the Train Like A Jedi video at school.

Whole-school ideas

Here are some other ideas to get your whole school active using the Star WarsTM universe.

Use them throughout the school day and keep them up every week to help your pupils stay active.

Resistance Hero Run

Whether they're evading the First Order or jumping on an escape shuttle just in the nick of time, Resistance heroes have no time to waste! They are always ready to run.

Your whole school, and parents too, can run like the Resistance heroes. Organise regular 15-minute runs around the school to build stamina and endurance. Everyone can take part at their own pace and they could even dress up as their favourite Star WarsTM character.

Rey, Finn and BB-8 running from an explosion

© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd​

Rey holding her quarterstaff on Jakku in The Force Awakens

© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd​

Recruit a Padawan (young Jedi)

The Resistance movement needs help if it's going to defeat the First Order. Your pupils can start by recruiting their parents and family.

Choose one of the moves from the Train Like A Jedi video. Pupils can practise it throughout the day and get ready to show it to their parents at pick-up time.

Some parents might even be brave enough to give it a go themselves!

Train Like A Jedi demonstration

Once pupils have mastered the moves in the Train Like A Jedi video, you can organise a performance so they can demonstrate the moves to their families and friends. They could even create their own moves or sequence to showcase the skills they've been working on. 

If a whole-school performance isn't possible, why not let some of the older pupils master the moves, and work with a younger class to teach them what they've learned?

Rey offering a lightsaber to Luke on Ahch-To

© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd​

A First Order TIE fighter shooting a green laser beam

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Star Wars inspiration for Sports Day

Why not include games inspired by Star WarsTM in your school's sports day? It's a great way to create even wider appeal for sports day activities. 

Hyperspace jump: Travelling faster than the speed of light and crossing through space into hyperspace in a spacecraft requires a lot of hyper drive energy. Organise a relay where pupils race to refuel their spacecraft as fast as they can. Place empty buckets (fuel tanks) several metres from the starting line, where you'll need a large tub of water (the fuelling station). Using plastic cups, teams run between their ship and the fuelling station to be the first to fill their tank all the way up.  

Dark side dodging: The First Order's TIE fighters are swift and agile, so the Resistance needs to be even quicker to dodge their fire. Split groups into 2 sides and line up several soft balls in the middle. Pupils run to the middle to grab a ball and aim to toss it at the opposing side. They must dodge the ball, then collect it and throw it back. If the ball touches a pupil, they're out. But if a teammate catches a ball, one person who was out can come back in.

What's coming?

July: Star WarsTM summer take-home pack, lesson starters and school council ideas to help you plan ahead for September

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Kids need at least 60 minutes' activity every day

Physical activity has been associated with better personal health, social and academic outcomes.

All children should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day, and sitting for extended periods without movement should be minimised.

Children should also do activities that strengthen their muscles and bones at least 3 days a week.

On this page you'll find a few ideas to get pupils moving and excited to Train Like A Jedi.

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